The 2016-2017 Women's Development Programme was delivered through a series of 10 one-day workshops and two one night residentials between January and June 2017. 

The first residential took place 20th-21st January 2017 in Corrs Corner Hotel, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim. The second residential took place 2nd - 3rd June in The Strand Hotel, Ballyliffin, Co Donegal. The workshops were held in locations which are easily accessible. They were informal, dialogue-based and led by an experienced facilitator. There was no requirement to have any academic qualifications to take part in the Programme.

Programme Content

Interpersonal skills such as: verbal communication; non-verbal communication; effective speaking; listening skills; negotiation; problem-solving; decision-making.

Building interpersonal relationships: assertiveness; conflict resolution; mediation skills; persuasion and influencing skills; giving and receiving feedback; communicating in difficult situations; dealing with criticism.

Working in groups and teams: what are groups and teams?; group and team roles; conducting a meeting; planning and structuring effective meetings.

Project Management: Overview of leadership.