Co-operation Ireland works to promote and encourage interaction, dialogue, and practical collaboration between the peoples of Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

 Our Vision

 Co-operation Ireland’s vision is of

 A peaceful and stable island where people of all backgrounds live and work together for a better future

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain peace by helping to build a shared and cohesive society.

Co-operation Ireland does this by working in partnership with others in these islands to:

  • Develop initiatives which address emerging challenges to peace
  • Facilitate understanding, positive relationships and co-operation across these islands, building a sense of interdependence
  • Create a supportive environment by building capacity, influencing policy, and developing collaboration at a strategic level
  • Share our learning and experience of peace building and practical co-operation internationally

Our Values

In carrying out its mission, Co-operation Ireland is guided by the following values:

  • Respect for People and their Rights;
  • Inclusion, Equality and Fairness;
  • Accountability, Integrity and Transparency.

Strategic Plan

For information on our work plans for the next three years, read our  Strategic Plan.