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A research team from the Centre for Identity and Intergroup Relations at Queen’s University, Belfast is conducting the impact evaluation of the PEACE IV Children and Young People investment. The overall objective is to test the intervention logic, and form a view of the effectiveness and impact of the PEACE IV Objective 2.1 investment.


There are three major sources of data collection for this impact evaluation:

  1. A series of surveys for young people who are participating in the Programme – at the start, mid-point, and end of their project, and a further follow-up survey 12-months on. These surveys will measure distance travelled on the indicators listed under the three outcome areas of Personal Development, Good Relations, and Citizenship
  2. Project Cohort information (either from project’s own internal data collection systems, or via the Google document Youth Cohort Profile form created (see link below in ‘Evaluation Timeline’)
  3. Annual focus groups with project staff to discuss views on internal and external factors influencing their project and ability to achieve specific objectives.

The young people’s surveys are linked across the 4 time points via an Evaluation ID code. Instructions for creating this code are included at the beginning of the surveys, but for your own reference, the code format is:

ProjectNameOrganisationNameCohortNumberYearFirst three letters of participant’s surnameDay of birth

e.g. YOUTHSCAPESWCCohort12019BUR12

This code also allows us to link survey data with the Cohort information (filled out by the youth worker in the Cohort Form link). The following graphic shows a timeline of these activities and provides the links to the online surveys and forms. 

Evaluation Timeline

  1. Beginning of each cohort:
    1. Youth worker completes Cohort profile:
    2. Young people complete Time 1 survey within 2 weeks of starting project

Link to the Time 1 survey:

  1. Mid-point of each cohort:
    1. Young people complete Time 2 survey – at 2 weeks either side of the midpoint time. For a 6-month project, this is the beginning of month 3. For a 9-month project, this is mid-way through month 4

Link to the Time 2 survey:

  1. End of each cohort:
    1. Young people complete Time 3 survey at 2 weeks at either side of the end of each cohort

Link to the Time 3 survey:

Please note:

  • For any early leavers from a cohort, there is now an Exit Survey that the young person can fill out at the time of leaving. This survey includes most of the questions from Time 3, but there are a few different questions on the back page that may be more relevant to young people who leave early.

Link to Exit Survey for early leavers:

  • QUB evaluators will follow up with young people 12 months after they leave the programme to complete the Time 4 survey.

If young people in your project complete the surveys in hard copy, please enter the data into the online system using the links above and then shred the surveys. If you need extra resources to help with data input, please contact the QUB evaluation team or your SEUPB project officer.

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Contact details

If you have any further questions about the evaluation, please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Blaylock and Stephanie Burns via phone, email, or the postal address below:

Dr Danielle Blaylock

[email protected]

028 9097 4333


Dr Stephanie Burns

[email protected]

Queen’s University Belfast, School of Psychology

18-30 Malone Road, Belfast BT7 1NN