Co-operation Ireland is currently delivering 30 programmes across Ireland in which almost 1000 people are involved. Largely aimed at young people, we understand that the Peace Process will only be fully delivered by the next generation and it is our role as Ireland's leading peace building charity to prepare them.

In order to deliver these programme we rely on donations or support of our fundraising events. 

If you would like to make a Donation to Co-operation Ireland, please use the Donate link from the Homepage or follow the link to Donate.

Covid-19 Update

Regrettably due to the current public health situation we have had to postpone a number of fundraising events due to be held this year.  Updates will be provided as soon as they are confirmed.  Please check the current Calendar of Events.  

General Email: [email protected]

Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders Programme

Despite all the current challenges, Co-operation Ireland has designed and launched a new all-island on line Future Leaders Programme providing a unique opportunity to put 500 young people, aged 14-17 years from challenging backgrounds, through leadership development training that will help them become Future Leaders and influencers in their local communities. Naturally these young leaders will be ‘on the ground’ in areas where peer influence is critical and where they can make a big and positive difference for the future of Ireland, North and South.


Co-operation Ireland is determined to overcome the considerable challenge posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is imperative that our charity is there to support our potential Future Leaders come out of lockdown, ensure their safe mental health and especially prepare them to have their voices heard as they learn to cope positively with the many uncertainties facing them in the immediate future, such as return to schools, further education, employment prospects, Brexit and shifting of identities.  Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders will have:

Received accredited leadership development training
Improved mental health
Increased confidence and self esteem
Enhanced relationships and a strong support network
The knowledge to engage effectively with authority
Become a positive role model among peers
The ability to act as a Future Leader in their own community

Co-operation Ireland seek to recruit Future Leaders’ Programme Ambassadors to support this vital work at this crucial time. Individuals, businesses and corporates are being asked to sign up to help fund the programme for a 5-year period.  Click here for a Summary of the Programme

Full details on this important new all-island youth initiative are now available to download in brochure format for Ambassadors in GB & NI, Ambassadors in the Republic of Ireland and Ambassadors in the USA.

If you could consider becoming a Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders’ Ambassador or could provide some financial support to help the charity deliver for our young people, please contact [email protected].