Our Fair Chance programme is a good relations programme designed for 15-18 year olds from Seymour Hill area and Colin Glen Trust.  The programme aims to build positive and lasting relationships between young people from different communities by creating opportunities for young people to engage in a range of good relations focused workshops and activities, that promote dialogue, encourage the development of positive relationships and challenge stereotypes.

The programme’s objective is to increase participant’s understanding and appreciation of diversity by encouraging young people to engage in positive dialogue with their peers from another community, as well as provide opportunities for young people to meet and engage with local influencers and decision makers. Young people are encouraged to participate in the design of programme content and influence the direction of their programme.

While on the programme young people participate in a variety of, personal development and good relations themed workshops as well as overnight residentials to help promote learning between peers from different communities and promote the building of positive relationships. 

A core element of the programme is to promote awareness and understanding of diversity, therefore built into each programme is a series of workshops to explore these themes looking at issues of prejudice and discrimination as well as the benefits of a diverse and inclusive society. Young participants have the opportunity to plan and lead a youth-led tour of their communities to help promote understanding and break down barriers.  The programme also enables young people to become familiar with the concept of shared space through a series of educational visits to shared spaces close to their communities.

The programme also encourages young people to engage with local decision makers and politicians in their community by facilitating meaningful conversations through a series of informal evenings, where young people can meet local community leaders and politicians to share their views as young people with those in a position of responsibility in their communities. 

The final element of the Fair Chance programme sees young people take a lead in developing a community event in their local area to bring both sides of the greater community together. By creating opportunities where young people can play a key role in brining both sides together, this provides tangible examples of how young people can be a positive force for change in their areas by helping unite communities divided along the lines of community background.

The Fair Chance Programme is funded through The Executive Office.