Women Involved in Community Transformation (WICT) Programme

Section ‘A’, Paragraph 3.9 of the Fresh Start Agreement states in relation to Community Engagement and Prevention that there is an ongoing need to develop “a programme to increase the participation and influence of women in community development”.


Section B5 of the Executive Action Plan on Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality and Organised Crime states that:

“The Executive’s programme for women in community development should be designed not only to enable women’s organisations to continue to carry out transformative community development work in our communities but also to ensure that women are equipped to take on more leadership roles in public decision-making.”


The WICT Programme aims to increase the participation and influence of women in the community by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence they need. It helps women build their confidence and self esteem, network with their peers and prepares them to take on leadership roles within their communities. The Programme is funded by the Department for Communities and is delivered free to participants through a partnership of TWN, FWIN, Intercomm and Co-operation Ireland.  


More information on WICT can be found here.



We are currently delivering Phases II and III.


Phase II is delivered locally as a 5-module training programme to participants who are new to the programme:

·         Personal Development: health & wellbeing, increase confidence, self-esteem and positivity;

·         Leadership and Mentoring: how leadership can set direction, inspire vision and create something new;

·         Citizenship: how women can make a greater contribution to their communities and society;

·         Women & Peacebuilding: help women identify the factors leading to community cohesion and the vital role they can play;

·         Women in the Justice System: accessing non-judgmental help, support and guidance.

Participants are also given the opportunity to achieve an ILM qualification in Leadership.


Phase III is delivered to women who have completed Phases I and/or II. These women can choose 1 of 3 Community Change pathways to complete:

·         Asset based Community Development (ABCD) – participants will receive a certification in ABCD

·         Mediation & Facilitation – participants have the option to complete Level 3 Award in Mediation Practice

·         Mentoring – participants have the option to complete Level 2 Award in Mentoring

For a copy of the brochure and further details, contact Patricia Hughes.