Information on applying for the Building Bridges Scholarship

The aim is to provide financial support for students who by their studies at school; their extra-curricular activities and their examination results have shown that they are well qualified to take a university degree. The awards will be:

  • For students studying, initially at Yale University, (after the initial pilot scheme, consideration will be given to students who successfully gain a place at other US universities) a bursary/scholarship of £2,738.96 will be given annually, for a maximum of 4 years
  • At the end of each year, the student will be asked to supply a letter/certificate from the university to indicate that satisfactory progress in terms of achievement and attendance has been made. In the absence of such certificate/letter the bursary/scholarship will not be continued
  • Made to 4 -6 students annually and will be reflective of the local community.

Each year as long as there are sufficient funds scholarships/bursaries will be awarded. The decision as to awards will be made by a panel of at least 4 people; after consultation with school representatives.


  1. Students will come from families which are eligible to claim various benefits, e.g.
  • Parent/s unemployed and eligible for unemployment benefit/job seekers
  • Parent/s on Disability Living Allowance
  • Parent/s on Income Support
  • Parents on a joint income of less than/or approximately £30K
  1. Applications will be considered from students who come from families with other exceptional circumstances e.g.
  • Severely disabled or chronically ill siblings
  • Other circumstances that the panel deem to be worthy of consideration, which the applicant has indicated in the letter of application

If there are more than 6 applicants for the bursary; the successful applicants will be randomly selected by independent verifiers.