Amazing the Space is a youth-led peace-building initiative, funded by the Northern Ireland Executive Office that empowers young people across Northern Ireland, to become ambassadors for peace within their communities. The project enables young people to contribute to a more peaceful society, acknowledging that they can be key agents of change in their communities.  This year’s Amazing the Space project was officially launched by His Royal Highness Prince Harry on Thursday 7 September 2017.

In last year's project 409 schools submitted Peace Pledges articulating young people's aspirations for a more peaceful society for themselves and their peers. These pledges were from both local and international schools around the world.  These messages inspired the theme of this year's Amazing the Space project, which aims to encourage young people to demonstrate how they are "living out" their Peace Pledges in their local communities.

There are two main strands to this project:

(i) Schools Competition and Finale Event at the Eikon Exhibition Centre

(ii) Regional Cluster Programme

Schools Competition and Finale Event

Building upon the success of last year's project, this year we are introducing a schools competition entitled "Living out our Peace Pledge". We are inviting schools to send a video clip of how their school is living out their peace pledges. Potential ideas for Peace Pledge projects include: shared assemblies, cross community sports events, arts based projects using performing arts, digital arts, music, drama etc.  The top entries will be showcased at a large finale event held at the Eikon Exhibition Centre on 23 March 2018, celebrating young people's achievements in living out their Peace Pledges. We anticipate that more than 3,000 young people from schools across Northern Ireland and the border counties will be in attendance. Its aim is to celebrate the achievements of young people in living out their Peace Pledges both on a local and international level.

You can view highlights from last year's finale event here.

Regional Cluster Programmes

Another unique part of this project is the series of Regional Cluster Programmes will commence from September 2017. These aim to bring young people together from local schools to explore how young people can 'live out' their Peace Pledges.

In consultation with our youth-led steering committee the following themes were identified for Regional Cluster Programmes:

  • A sports programme exploring diversity through sport and promoting positive relationships among young people from different backgrounds
  • A music programme, utilising the power of music to bring young people together from different backgrounds to develop their very own Peace Anthem
  • A culture & traditions programme providing young people with the opportunity to expand their awareness of a range of cultures and promote respect for diversity
  • A programme exploring the theme of young people & authority. This programme will explore how young people can become ambassadors for peace by engaging with key decision makers.

Schools participating in regional cluster programmes will have the opportunity to link with other local schools in the area, promoting the concept of shared education. Through Co-operation Ireland's partnerships with international organisations, each cluster programme will also have the opportunity to link with an international partner school to share the work they are doing to promote young people's voice in peace building both on a local and international level.