Around 100 people from Derry attended a multimedia showcase in the Nerve Centre on Thursday (October 25) which reflected young people’s hopes and fears on Brexit.

Youth Voices of Brexit was the culmination of a partnership between Co-operation Ireland, the Nerve Centre and regional colleges from across Northern Ireland that began in early 2019. Funding was provided by the Irish Government.

The participants, who live on both sides of the border, explored and researched topics such as freedom of movement, employability, education, health and friendships and reflected their opinions in a series of productions which included animation, film and music.

John Peto from the Neve Centre said: “The Brexit debate has been dominated by an older demographic, but young adults are the people who will likely be most affected by the changes that are coming.

“There was a sense that their views were being drowned out so this project allowed them to say what they thought, and learn multi-media skills at the same time.”

Barry Fennell from Co-operation Ireland said: “We were delighted to be able to lend our support to this project which has given a voice to people who are too often voiceless.

“Working with people from both sides of the border is something Co-operation Ireland is passionate about and I can’t commend the young people who took part enough for their enthusiasm.”

Students who took part in the programme benefitted from training in artistic and communicative media including video, photography and journalism.

Partnering with the regional colleges meant the programme was truly cross community and cross border, with an estimated 2471 students from the Republic enrolled in Northern Ireland’s FE Colleges.