Co-operation Ireland and our partners are to continue to deliver programmes though use of ‘virtual residentials’ which will engage our young people in group work and activities without them having to leave their homes.


We are developing a pioneering residential that will see packs delivered to young people at their homes which will give them access to online conferencing facilities.


We understand programme participants do not always have access to broadband so the packs will contain a 2gb portable modem that will give them online access.


As well as webinars and various ‘rooms’ where breakaway session can take place, dance choreographers and personal trainers will give the young people access to coordinated physical activity, and food will be delivered to their homes at a set time so they can eat with their peers, all via remote access.


“The current crisis we are facing is unprecedented, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t take steps to ensure our peace programmes continue,” said Peter Sheridan, CEO Co-operation Ireland.


“Our team are working hard to devise innovative solutions to overcome our current predicament to ensure that the great strides forward we have made in engaging young people to build reconciliation is built upon.


“I look forward to when our participants can again meet face to face and building lifelong friendships but until then we will continue to work hard to forge relationships in new ways"