Our Youth Leadership Programme provides young people with a support structure to address personal and social challenges in their lives. Key outcomes include personal development, building pathways to further education/employment, and promoting belonging and participation in the wider community.

To date approximately 200 young people have taken part in eight youth leadership projects.  The latest of these projects in the Lower Shankill Estate and Sandy Row area of Belfast. 

Each project has been adapted to meet the specific needs of the group and the environment where the participants live. The young people of the Lower Shankill felt that getting a driving licence would greatly enhance their chances of getting employment.  In return the participants of "Driving to Success" give a commitment to work as volunteers within the junior youth club.

For the majority of the participants, taking part in Co-operation Ireland’s Youth Leadership programme has made a real difference to their lives. They have undergone major changes in their lives and blossomed into positive role models for their own peer group and younger members of the community, which has not gone unnoticed by other people in their community.