Co-operation Ireland/Co-operation North has always believed on the need to build relationships across the island and between Britain and Ireland.

Whatever people’s religion, class or personal situations, developing peace relationships are what support us, connect us, and allow us to progress in all aspects of our lives.

Delving into our archives we found this from 1989. As part of our ‘Women’s Link Project 89’ awards the Cork and Belfast Lesbian Lines were presented with an honour and financial award for the work they were carrying out to help women in the two cities.

In a time when cross border links weren’t as strong as they are now, these telephone helplines were leading the way in a spirit of support and friendship.

The lesbian lines were set up to provide information and support people who were coming out in an era where  the LGBT community wasn’t supported by statutory agencies as it is now.

 The Lesbian Line in Cork grew out of the ‘Tel-A-Friend’  telephone helpline established by the Cork Branch of the Irish Gay Rights Movement in 1977.

The Cork Lesbian Line began operating in 1985.

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