The CORE Project

(Community Outreach Reconciliation and Engagement)
Inner East Belfast & Finglas South, Dublin

Where did the CORE project come from?

The CORE Project came about as a result of a partnership developed between; Co-operation Ireland, Short Strand Community Partnership, EBCDA (East Belfast Community Development Agency), Short Strand Community forum, Dublin City Council, Finglas South CDP, Finglas-Cabra Partnership and the Finglas South Combined Residents Association.

The idea of the pilot is to take an entire community; every age, every group, every person, every family locally and provide them with an opportunity to be part of a cross border and cross community activity they would find valuable, interesting and relevant to their lives.

The overall aim is:

‘To support local people in developing activities that will enhance the quality of life for people living in the Finglas South and Inner East Belfast communities.’

How could the CORE Project help enhance the quality of life for local people?

  • Recognising and celebrating the strengths and positive qualities about each community.
  • Seeing what the communities have in common and what is different.
  • Learning from each other about what works well in each community.
  • Developing and building relationships between individuals, families, groups and the wider community.
  • Developing NEW ideas and activities together.

Who will the CORE project want to be involved?

The target group is all people living, working and/or volunteering within the Finglas South and Inner East Belfast communities. For example this could be parents, schools, young people, church groups, children, senior citizens, men, local businesses, women, church groups, sports clubs, volunteers… basically anyone who would like to be involved, can be involved!

Who is representing my community on the steering group?

So far the steering group includes the following community representatives:

  1. Bernie McConnell – Short Strand Community Forum (Belfast)
  2. Joe O’Donnell – Short Strand Partnership (Belfast)
  3. Sammy Douglas – East Belfast Community Development Agency (Belfast)
  4. Michael Briggs - East Belfast Community Development Agency (Belfast)
  5. Ria McDonald – Finglas South Combined Residents Association (Finglas)
  6. John Redmond – Finglas South Combined Residents Association (Finglas)
  7. Leon Kelly – Finglas South Community Development Project (Finglas)
  8. Paul Rodgers – Finglas – Cabra Partnership (Finglas)
  9. Larry Dooley – Dublin City Council (Finglas)
  10. Brian Byrne – Dublin City Council (Finglas)

What types of activity will the CORE project support?

Central to the project is that as many local people and groups/organisations as possible are involved in developing, delivering and leading activity.

All ideas for activity will be considered – they can be a whole range of things. To give you an idea, some of the type of activity the CORE Project has supported so far, includes:

  • Youth exchanges.
  • Visit to Stormont.
  • Senior citizens activity.
  • Tours of each other’s community.
  • Photography work.
  • Parents activity.
  • Visit to Docklands area to look at housing development.
  • Tickets for Belfast Giants games.
  • Lantern making workshops.
  • Media training.
  • Women’s group activity.
  • Men’s group activity.
  • Childcare exchange work.
  • Health & sports activity.
  • Cultural awareness and education.

How can I, or my family, get involved?

Please just get in touch with either contact the people involved from your local community, or alternatively get in touch with Anne Anderson-Porter at Co-operation Ireland to talk through any questions or ideas you may have.

For more information or please contact Anne Anderson-Porter on:

Phone: 0044 (0) 28 9089 1011