During January and February 2017, the NI NCS Graduate programme team has been touring  Northern Ireland to deliver Active Citizenship Days. These workshops engage young people who have already completed the NI NCS programme to explore ideas for further Social Action projects.

Looking at issues young people feel passionate about in their own communities, each group then draws on the skills, resources & ability in their team to develop an action which will contribute positively to this issue. Each area team is now organising their own local Social Action project raising awareness and creating opportunities to inspire and influence positive social change.
The NCS Regional Youth Board, made up of former graduates, is developing a large scale Social Action project which will involve all engaged grads coming together on National Social Action Day on 18 March 2017 - follow their progress and the outcomes here.

If you've completed NI NCS, become a member of our graduate group to keep up to date on upcoming opportunities - facebook/NINCS Graduates