International Character Summit

The International Character Summit 2017 took place in Washington DC, USA on 19th October 2017

This summit was an integral part of the Annual Forum on Character Education which took place from 19 -21 October 2017

The Annual Forum was held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Arlington.

Dr Alan Largey and Mr Barry Fennel were invited to present at the summit on the 19th October




  1. 11:30AM. Lunch provided for all Panelists on Oct 19 at 11:30AM EDT. Skyview Room, where the Summit will take place. 
  2. 1PM Welcome by Doug Carr, CEO,
  3. 1:10PM to 2:45PM Opening Plenary. Order of Speakers: Dr. Michele Borba, Andreas Schleicher, Tony Devine, Joe Carvin, Alejandro Adler + Q&A.
  4. 2:45 Break 
  5. 3:00-4:00PM Lightening Round (Discussion Groups) 
  6. 4:00-5PM Closing Plenary & Next Steps 
  7. Order of Speakers: Juan Carlos Tominaga García, Mr. Barry Fennell & Dr. Alan Largey, Dr. Michele Borba + Q&A
  8. Next Steps.  
  9. 5PM. Reception. The Board will join the participants of the International Character Summit. The Reception will be in the Hallway outside the Skyview Lounge