GPC 2017

In February/March of this year the Global Peace Foundation will hold its Global Peace Convention 2017 in Manila in the Philippines.


GPFC 2017

The Convention will convene a diverse community of peacebuilding practitioners, youth leaders, and experts in business, international development, and education for a unique opportunity to explore critical global issues, share best practices, and develop innovative and action-driven solutions to building peace and social cohesion while strengthening robust multi-stakeholder partnerships. Schedule

Dr Alan Largey and Mr Barry Fennell will be attending and presenting at the convention. 


They will be presenting to an invited audience on March 1st.

        Interfaith Peacebuilding Track.

        The theme will be - Role of Faith Leaders within N Ireland

They will be hosting a major event on March 2, 
         Developing Moral and Innovative Leaders This will be an 'Open Space' event

 Barry and Alan's Presentation: The Role of Faith Leaders within N Ireland