Paula Madigan

Paula Madigan
Development Officer

Paula joined Co-operation Ireland in 2003 working as a Project Co-ordinator with the Artslink Education Programme & Local Authority Forum and a Development Officer with the Local Authority Programme and Visions Programme

Her main areas of responsibility are in programme development and design, and training and support:


A. Programme development/Project Management

  • To provided support for the Local Authority’s All-Island steering forum, which comprises County Managers from the Republic of Ireland and Chief Executives from Northern Ireland to undertake mutually beneficial cross-border projects that will deliver real improvements in services.
  • To explore opportunities to exchange best practice or develop new ways to tackle common issues and problems.
  • Identifying new projects and initiatives appropriate to the Local Authority Programme.
  • Developing and implementing new projects and initiatives.
  • Providing support to the Director of Operations as required.
  • Providing a secretariat and facilitation service for the Local Authority Steering Forum.
  • Adapting programmes to suit the needs of the environment.
  • Liaising with monitoring and advisory committees.

B. Training and Support

  • Recruiting schools and youth groups to engage in Co-operation Ireland’s education programmes.
  • Planning and delivery of in-service training programmes to teachers and youth leaders in the use of drama and film-making as a community relations tool.
  • Providing support to participating schools and youth groups through on-going liaison and field visits.
  • Manage and support a panel of arts facilitators and film-makers to assist in the delivery of Co-operation Ireland’s arts programme.
  • Established links with artists and arts venues along the border region that work with youth theatre groups.
  • Designing programme resource materials and teaching guidelines.
  • Working with Trinity College to design suitable methodologies for the delivery of our cross-border arts education programme.
  • Worked with Carr Communications on a number of their training and information campaigns for the European Commission.

Before joining Co-operation Ireland, Paula was a Secondary School Teacher, a Television Researcher with Tyrone Productions and an intern with the European Commission.
Educational Qualifications:

Paula has a Bachelor of Arts from National University of Ireland Galway and a Masters of Arts In International Relations from Dublin City University.